BuildStream Monthly Team Meeting

Monthly meeting for all things BuildStream. Meetings will take place in #buildstream on GNOME irc for now because we're pretty low traffic, it can be moved to a sort of #buildstream-meeting channel or such later if overlap becomes an issue.

Update:They should now take place on #buildstream-meetings

Chaired by Tristan Van Berkom (tristan on irc). Chairs the meeting, the format will basically just be going through any points that are on the agenda in order, giving everyone a chance to discuss before moving on to the next point.

Secretary is Laurence Urhegyi (ltu on irc). He takes care of maintaining the agenda, publishing the minutes on this page, and making announcements around one week in advance of the meeting on this mailing list (the announcement helps not only to make sure everyone remembers, but also shakes the tree for any missing agenda points).

Assuming traffic is not too high, any interested parties are also welcome to participate in the meeting - of course within reason. If traffic is high then meeting participation should be restricted to project contributors only.

Anyone who is contributing to the project is welcome to add points to the agenda in advance of the meeting, just write to this list, reply to this email or contact us in #buildstream, and Laurence will update the agenda.

Everyone is welcome to lurk :)

Tentative first meeting time: Tuesday, October 17th - 14:00 UTC

This gets all three corners of the world relatively in sync I think, or as close as possible:

EST: 10:00

GMT: 14:00

KST: 23:00

Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes




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