Feedback on Planet GNOME Guidelines

Feel free to add your feedback on the guidelines here. We prefer to keep the guidelines page clean.

  • Example 1: I really love this, thanks!

  • Example 2: I think it'd make more sense to not do... and instead do...

  • The text is really, really long, and people on the Internet is really impatient (at least I am). :) What about removing some of the lesser important points, and/or grouping a couple of the questions together? Kill your darlings! - AndreasNilsson

    • So, what are the important points? I think the main one is: "who to contact, how can I change my stuff, how can I get added". Maybe we should put that at the top, and clearly separate the rest? -- VincentUntz

  • What is the policy for software (as opposed to personal) blogs on I would like to see blogs like metacity on pgo. It is one less feed to monitor and less maintenance burden.

  • You should use bugzilla for everything. Sending emails to individuals could confuse people. Using bugzilla gives the idea of a structured piece of GNOME. -- JonhWendell

  • What should happen with people already in the planet? Will their blogs be analyzed again (to see if they follow the rules)? (Personally I'd like to implement those rules in Planet GNOME Brazil) -- JonhWendell

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