Petr Kovář

Petr participates in the Czech GNOME localization and is also active in the Translation Project and several other Open Source Software internationalization and localization efforts. He contributes to OSS documentation and works as a technical writer at Red Hat. He is a GNOME Foundation member, and one of the GNOME Translation Project Coordination Team members.

As of February 2008, he is a coordinator of the Czech GNOME localization team. Within the Czech translation community, he helps with co-maintaining, an upstream l10n project which aims to provide coherent glossaries and various other Czech l10n support resources.


Email: <pmkovar AT SPAMFREE gnome DOT org> or <pknbe AT SPAMFREE volny DOT cz>


Regional website for information on Bystrc, a city district in Brno, Czech Republic; only in Czech, so far:


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