The Gnome PatchSquad

This project is not active anymore. All information on this page is likely very outdated and invalid.

The PatchSquad's mission is to do preliminary reviews of patches submitted by others, in order to (a) provide faster notification of potential problems in patches to those who submitted them, (b) lighten the load on maintainers by flagging patches that appear to have problems from their need-to-review list, and (c) encourage more people to become familiar with the code of various Gnome projects. Note that we do not accept or reject patches; our reviews are preliminary only.

Todo List

For now

  • Get a mailing list? (Requested -- LucasRocha | Mailing List created -- LuisMedinas) -- DONE

  • GnomeDeveloperKit (AlbertoRuiz and KenVanDine working on that) -- DONE

  • Announce on d-d-l, request a list of modules who would prefer to opt-out
    • VincentUntz offered the modules he maintains as a start point:

      • gnome-menus
      • gnome-panel
      • gnome-desktop
      • gnome-session
    • LucasRocha offered the modules he maintains too:

      • eog
      • zenity
  • Cleanup and extend the Patch Review Round page

  • Cleanup and extend the Preliminary Patch Review page

  • Bugzilla hacking
    • Add a 'preliminary-review' patch-status (Requested -- LucasRocha)

      • 'preliminary-review' patches should show up next to 'unreviewed' in browse.cgi
      • patch-report and describeuser.cgi need to be extended to handle 'preliminary-review' (Requested -- LucasRocha)

        • (Bugzilla should contain preliminaryreview or patchreviewed KEYWORDS so it could be easier to find out what bugs have been reviewed who can fix this ? -- LuisMedinas)

    • Maybe do some weekly-bug-summary integration?
    • Add stock comments for patch review
      • Patch not created with -u and -p flags
      • Patch not appliable on target branch
      • Patch brakes or adds warnings to the module build
      • Patch causes new crash in module
      • Patch works fine (preliminary review)
  • Write secondary documentation, or link to it
    • Handling patches
    • Building Gnome
    • Special tools (lint? valgrind? coverity? devhelp? gdb? strace?)
  • Include the opt-out list on these pages and steer volunteers away from them
  • Making large regular announcements and hold patch days, similar to the old bug days luis used to run
  • Spend some of those days concentrating on helping users get a svn version of GNOME built

For the future

Add ideas here...

How can I help?

The best way to help us is to read the Patch Review Round Guide and Preliminary Patch Review Guide and follow the instructions there. You can also try to catch us on IRC in channel #patchsquad on or ask questions on the mailing list. You may want to take a look at the FAQ as well.

Useful resources

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