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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Hello, anyone around? 
<terriyu> just lurking, but I don't have any questions
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> that's ok terriyu, I hope you're doing well
<terriyu> I also have a snow day
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> oh yeah? Where are you located? 
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<terriyu> Western Massachusetts
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Oh, is it bad in Mass? In New York it's terrible
<terriyu> it's been snowing all day here
<le> hi
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Hi le, how are you? 
<le> quite ok :) and you?
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> It's still snowing here too, so I don't know if it's moving north or south
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I'm good, terriyu and I were just talking about the snow
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> it's bad where we both are
* le dislikes heavy winds
<le> i don't mind snow
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I don't mind snow (when I don't have to walk in it) 
<le> :P :P
<le> i live in amsterdam so i don't walk in snow.. but i do bike in it \o/
<shivani> Hey Hi everyone ! :D
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> you're braver than I am le, I feel like biking in the snow is a recipe for me falling
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Hi shivani!
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I was thinking of asking if any of you have read the newsweek article on sexism in tech
<shivani> Just wanted to drop by and thankyou for taking the time to host the career advice hours :)
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I confess, I still haven't read the whole thing
<le> EBR_opw_careeradvisor: if it's not frozen it's safe enough to bike in it
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> thanks shivani, let me know if you have any questions
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> thanks le-I guess I never thought about it that way
<le> EBR_opw_careeradvisor: can you link it? i've lost it completely
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Sure, hold on one second
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> http://www.newsweek.com/2015/02/06/what-silicon-valley-thinks-women-302821.html
<le> tack!
* marina has changed the topic to: snow day special career office hours; log will be posted on https://wiki.gnome.org/action/show/Outreachy/Meetings
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> thanks marina!
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<marina> thanks EBR_opw_careeradvisor :)
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> no problem, glad to be around! 
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> We're going to be holding more office hours next week
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> but since I was home, I figured I'd check in
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> so I only got halfway through the newsweek article, but I feel like it's hashing out some of the same arguments about silicon valley
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I was hoping it wouldn't discourage any of our OPW participants
<terriyu> after a while, I stop reading sexism articles... I never seem to learn anything new
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> yeah, I guess I keep hoping that the tone will change and that they'll focus on a solution
<bugZPDX> Hi everyone :-)
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> but maybe I would have to write that myself and I'm not sure of all the solutions
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Hi bugZPDX!
<bugZPDX> I also read the article. I don't feel discouraged but I worry I'll be looked at as someone who was hired not for her skills but for her gender.
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<le> bugZPDX: but that was happening anyway, no?
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I hear what you're saying bugZPDX, it's tough to fight that
<bugZPDX> Maybe. I'm not sure
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> the problem is that on an individual level there are sometimes things you can do, and sometimes things you can't do
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I do think that more places value having teams that are diverse (in gender, race background etc) 
<le> i mean.. afaik sometimes we're token women to show diversity
<le> sometimes we only got positions because of how we look.. etc
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> there are places who want that token women, but then it becomes a way for you to change a place from the inside
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I think that even though it may hurt to feel that way (and you may not know for sure if you were hired to show diversity) it can be an opportunity to use it for a positive
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> in most companies making changes starts with one person on the inside
<le> i'm not sure to what level it bounds to my responsibility to do that
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> that's true le, but I think that you being there and showing that you've got great work will help to change some people's minds
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I also know that whenever I recruited for an organization that truly wanted to increase diversity, they wanted to do a lot of hiring
<le> sure, but wouldn't that also mean having to prove myself and every flaw been seen as part of what i couldn't do anyway?
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> the idea of a 'token' person would never have flown
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I hear what you're saying le, but if you can, I wouldn't advocate starting a role with that mindset
<exploreshaif|afk> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, hello, in the last meet we have discussed about hackschool, I want to know is it worth to join it being a maters student in Computer Science ?
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> that is letting these articles and other things get into your head
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Hi exploreshaif|afk, good question
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> are you considering hacker school because you aren't learning programming in your masters program
<le> i recently bumped into an article helping with how to tackle working while feminist (for geek feminism wiki). it was indeed *very* helpful :)
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I know that there are some masters where they are too theoretical, and if that's the case, hacker school can help you to get back into the actual hands-on side of programming
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, no I am studing all about programing and software development
<bugZPDX> le do you have a link to that article?
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> le, can you link to that article, it sounds really useful, and I'd like to read it
<le> bugZPDX: http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_find_supportive_workplaces
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> exploreshaifali, the thing you also have to consider is that I don't know if you can defer your loans until after hacker school
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, I was considering hack school, if there I could learn even more - greater than the basics that I have learned in my college
<bugZPDX> le Ah yes! Great article!
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> exploreshaifali, do you feel that because you only know the basics you won't get a job? 
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> One thing that I always advocate for is everyone getting paid, and while hacker school has some great scholarships, my concern is that your masters degree loans will start coming in soon, and I don't know that any of the scholarships might be enough
<le> bugZPDX: :D
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> and in that case it might be better for you to get a job and do more training on the side
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, its not that I won't get a job, that surely I will, just want to explore how things work there and if it could help me in learning stuffs that I could not do here due to lack of guidance
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> but that depends on your financial situation
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<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, atm I have no loan on my head, thanks to my parents!
<bugZPDX> exploreshaifali here is a great article I read yesterday re: Code Schools https://modelviewculture.com/pieces/the-code-school-industrial-complex
* exploreshaifali clicks
<bugZPDX> I attended a code school and was also fortunate enough to be a participant in the Ascend Project that is mentioned.
<exploreshaifali> bugZPDX, that's great to here :)
<tjc> Just reading backscroll, and I can't stay for long, but...
<tjc> Consider that many men were also hired because of their gender
<tjc> (that is, they were hired by men who discriminate in favor of other men)
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: if you love learning and are enthusiastic about going to Hacker School, I don't see why you shouldn't go.
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, yes I do love learning, but if there is something like only those who are new or with low level of knowledge of programming are suppose to join hackschool then I think it won't fit for me
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: it could be that later on, you get stuck in a job or can't move to New York
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<terriyu> exploreshaifali: as far as I know, all levels of programmers attend Hacker School
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, yea I read same on their blogs but not sure if it is so, or if I should join it
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: there are tons of Hacker School alumni on the opw-alums list, you should ask them
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, you have attended hackschool.... right ?
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: no, I've never attended Hacker School
<terriyu> I just know a few people who have
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, kk I will find one who did and will ask to them :)
<exploreshaifali> or better if you could suggest someone who have attended hackschool
<terriyu> I think that in the last email thread, a few people said they were Hacker School alums... do you have that email?
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> sorry about that!
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> apparently the snow day is also playing havoc with my router!
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, yup yup, will look at it :) thanks
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<terriyu> EBR_opw_careeradvisor: exploreshaifali and I were talking about whether she should go to Hacker School
<terriyu> if she doesn't have any debt, I didn't see any reason why she shouldn't go
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, no issues, so we were discussing about hackshchool
<exploreshaifali> yeah I don't have any debt
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> what did in one of the last emails in the listserve there were a bunch of hacker school alumni who stepped forward
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> some of them said they also were going to be participating in the LinkedIn group-so make sure you join that
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, I am not sure if hackschool is good only for those who don't have high level of knowledge of programming
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, yeah ok fine
<exploreshaifali> will ask to them :)
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> from the email Katerina Barone-Adesi, Rose Ames, and Maia McCormack all went to hacker school
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I am going to paste some of their emails about it
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I did go to Hacker School. It's awesome and I highly recommend it.
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> It's for people with pretty much any level of experience - a few
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> people who have been there were coding for about 6 weeks before they
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> started. Others have been coding for 15+ years and have CS degrees.
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Hacker School is influenced by unschooling, and most people in a batch
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> interact with each other a lot, learning from and collaborating with
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> each other.
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> A lot of the jobs at companies with recruiting agreements with Hacker
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> School are in the US tech hubs, but definitely not all. Some are
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> outside the US, particularly in Canada and London, and parts of the US
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> beyond NY and SF have some options. A small handful of companies offer
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> remote work, too.
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Your friend's experience sounds a bit better than average. I've seen
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> people get multiple offers that quickly, but know a few who ended up
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> spending a lot more time than that, too.
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Sincerely,
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Kat
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> exploreshaifali, I think you have to know some programming, but you don't need a super high level
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> if you're already in a CS Masters, you should have more than enoguh programiing
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, yes that is what I am saying
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, then too it seems worth to join hackschool
<exploreshaifali> I think I should apply once :P
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I think it would be useful for you, especially since it sounds like your masters program is more theoretical than you'd like
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> hacker school touches on the theory, but it's very hands on with a lot of problem solving
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> also this is helpful about the first month of hacker school: http://rose.github.io/posts/dare-to-be-stupid/
<terriyu> EBR_opw_careeradvisor: I was more thinking about the intellectual satisfaction of learning at Hacker School as opposed to the practical considerations (usefulness, resume building, etc)
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> oh, sorry terriyu, as the career person here, unfortunately that's just where my mind goes (it's a tough habit to break) :) 
<terriyu> EBR_opw_careeradvisor: no problem :)  it sounded to me like exploreshaifali just loves learning.
<anow> EBR_opw_careeradvisor Hi, this meeting was on such short notice, I'm so sorry I have to leave now .. The one next tuesday is night time for me unfortunately. will there be another meeting at other hours?
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> and that's great-I think you're right hacker school would be a new way to learn
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, yeah I do 
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> we'll be holding another meeting in March, Tim and I are working on the dates, but if you have a question you can always email us on the listserve as well
<anow> ok, thanks. I'll do this. Ciao ..
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> any other thoughts or questions?
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I know that I put this up last minute, but I figured I'd ask just in case
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, any other opportunity similar to hackschool that you know ?
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Yes give me a second and I'll send some links
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor>  http://www.alleywatch.com/2015/01/12-places-where-women-can-learn-to-code/2/
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<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, I am mostly looking for place where I will about data science, as I want to move ahead in same field
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> also if you are thinking you want refreshers (since you're already learning) these are pretty cheap: www.code.org
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> www.pluralsight.com
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: I don't know of any data science programs that are cheap or free
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> exploreshaifali, so you want to be coding specifically for data science?
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, yes
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I agree terriyu, I many of the programs I know usually cost a lot
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, data science needs lots of satas and probability, that is where I am lacking in
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I think girl develop it might have a course
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> exploreshaifali, I know you might not want to hear this, but if you haven't finished your masters, it might be worthwhile to transfer to a school where you can learn data science
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> you'd probably spend the same amount of money that you'd spend to take courses outside of a university
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: there are a couple data science programs that are free (I think) but only open to people who have a PhD
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I wasn't aware of those, thank you terriyu
<terriyu> there is this one: http://insightdataengineering.com/blog/Insight_Data_Engineering_Fellows_Program_September_2014.html
<terriyu> it's free and not restricted to PhDs
<terriyu> but it's for data engineering and not data science
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Here are some places where you can get some more low cost classes, but again, their data science isn't going to be really thorough: http://girlswhocode.com/
<terriyu> they explain here, what the difference is between data engineering and data science: http://insightdataengineering.com/blog/Data_Science_vs_Data_Engineering.html
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> http://ladieslearningcode.com/
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, mmh no tansfering school won't be possible here
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Also you might have luck finding someone here: https://hackpledge.org/
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, Thanks!!
<terriyu> EBR_opw_careeradvisor: the data science programs for PhDs are these -- http://insightdatascience.com/ http://www.thedataincubator.com/
<terriyu> oh wait, I think the last link (data incubator) is open to master's students
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Thanks terriyu, it's so rare that I talk to people who want to go to the PhD step, that is so helpful to me
<terriyu> but their primary focus is PhDs
<terriyu> EBR_opw_careeradvisor: glad to be helpful.  Yeah, I've been in school forever.  I'm the scholarly type.
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Yeah, most of the scholarly types don't seek out the recruiterly types (since academic recruiting is so different) so I'm used to people who want to get out of that mindset
<terriyu> EBR_opw_careeradvisor: I'm on the Software Carpentry mailing list, so I regularly get info about opportunities in data science, open source, computational science
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: yeah, so sounds like you should check out that Data Incubator program
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> that's great, if you think they're applicable, you can always forward them to the OPW list
<marina> exploreshaifali: you might also like to take a look at Corsera and EdX classes available
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: honestly though, it sounds like your master's program is focused on software engineering.  But data science is focused on math and statistics.  It's very different.
<marina> Coursera
<marina> terriyu: can exploreshaifali get on the Data Carpentry mailing list?
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: it sounds like the people who are most successful in jumping into data science come from math, physics, and statistics -- actually not so much computer science.  Not that it can't be done, just that if you have a typical CS education, it's harder.
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, yeah that is what I also read on web
<terriyu> marina: I have no idea.  Tracy Teal is in charge of Data Carpentry, I could ask her.
<marina> terriyu: ok - is this list for people who volunteered at or attended a workshop?
<terriyu> marina: I don't know anything about the Data Carpentry mailing lists.  I'm only on the Software Carpentry ones.
<exploreshaifali> and yes no doubt there are plenty of courses present on coursera, Edx, udacity for datascience and many other fields, they are good also but the problem with them is that they need complete attention. Me being a college student, need to focus on college studies also which put me a bit behind
<marina> terriyu: oh, sorry, I meant Software Carpentry
<terriyu> marina: ah ok, as far as I know, the Software Carpentry mailing lists are only for people who have taught at the workshops or who contribute to the GitHub repository
<exploreshaifali> joining hackschool will be something like just doing data science stuff nothing else to do
<marina> exploreshaifali: makes sense - I think these courses might be more of an option for when you finish your master's degree, for example in addition to a job
<mahatic_> terriyu, hello. Can you elaborate how on Software Carpentry please? Is it a code school kind? but only for researchers?
<terriyu> marina: I'm not sure it's really that useful to join those lists.  There aren't that many postings about opportunities.
<mahatic_> terriyu, I'm asking because you say the mailing list talks about opportunities in open source
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> yeah, I think Marina is right-I don't know that any of these programs would be possible to supplement your masters degree
<mahatic_> terriyu, ah okay. I got my answer :)
<terriyu> mahatic_: I think I may have exaggerated.  There was only one opportunity for open source that I remember.
<mahatic_> terriyu, heh, no problem
<marina> terriyu: makes sense - exploreshaifali: I think the idea is to also find people who have the kind of careers in data science you are interested in and see how they learned
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: I hear that some people do Kaggle competitions to get into data science
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> marina is right on, I think you might want to spend some time finding a mentor
<marina> exploreshaifali: also you can find open source projects that utilize data science skills and start contributing to them when you have time
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<marina> open source or open data
<terriyu> that's true.  Scikitlearn is an open source data science toolkit.
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, yes I tried kaggle once but the problems were hard, they blow my mind
<marina> and build your knowledge of data science based on what you see is practical for the contributions
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: I thought Kaggle had a section for beginners
<exploreshaifali> marina, yes that sounds correct, I am planning to apply for GSoC and there work for data science project only :)
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> that sounds like a great plan, exploreshaifali
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, I don't know about that, if so I will surely explore more there :)
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<terriyu> exploreshaifali: but there's a difference between developing data science tools and actually doing data science.  Not sure what you want to do.  Most of the GSoC projects I've seen are related to developing data science tools.
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, yeah, I am applying for one organization, but now it seems like I should try for one more so that there will be more chances for me to get in
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, okay, I will consider that while applying
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I think that's good, if you've found a few organizations, there are some that might be better than others
<marina> exploreshaifali: that sounds like a great plan, and a transition to more data science-related work
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: I mean, I think that developing tools can be helpful, but you have to examine the project carefully.  Talk to the mentor about it.
<exploreshaifali> but with that problem is loads of competition, though I am applying, I am a bit less confident that I will get a chance there as they do have better choices than me
<exploreshaifali> but no matter what at least I will learn
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> don't let the fear of competition stop you from applying
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> you never know what will happen
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, yeah, True True :)
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: It sounds like you know a lot of software engineering, so you could do data engineering and then transition into data science.
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, yes, that also sounds good, I should try that
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<marina> exploreshaifali: GSoC is no more competitive than the Outreach Program - you just need to have the same approach of starting to make contributions to the project you are most interested in early and working with the mentor who proposed the project idea, so that they get to know your skills
<exploreshaifali> best part is I found one data visualization project in OpenStack itself, for which I am working as OPw intern
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> good point marina, it's all about connecting
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> it sounds like you're already doing the right things, but that you still are putting pressure on yourself to do more
<exploreshaifali> marina, thats good to here that Outreach Program is same competitive as GSoC is
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> I've got to run guys-phone call I need to take
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, don't know, I wish I could work on few data science projects to start the career :)
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> Sorry this impomptu office hours was so short!
<marina> thanks EBR_opw_careeradvisor! This was a great chat!
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, Thanks, it was really helpful :)
<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> and don't worry <exploreshaifali, you're on the right track!
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<EBR_opw_careeradvisor> glad to be here, maybe I'll see some of you here next week!
<exploreshaifali> EBR_opw_careeradvisor, ok, Thanks
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<exploreshaifali> marina, terriyu Thanks to you guyz too :)
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: like I said, you can use Kaggle to do data science projects
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, yeah will go there
<terriyu> exploreshaifali: or you can come up with your own projects. Like if you are really into cricket, you could come up with a way to visualize cricket statistics and analyze them.
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<terriyu> exploreshaifali: I talked to an executive at a data startup in the Bay Area and he told me that he was way more impressed by people who came up with their own projects than people who did Kaggle
<terriyu> the reason being that when you come up with a project, you have to find your own problem and your own data.  Which is a lot harder than Kaggle, where those things are handed to you.
<terriyu> and also because when you come up with your own project, you are more passionate about it and that comes off well in a job interview.
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, oh, okay
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, yes, that is really good advise, I do have a data set on which I am hacking
<terriyu> I mean, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do Kaggle, but it seems like doing your own project at some point is a good idea
<marina> terriyu: I think it works both ways - if you make a significant contribution to a larger project that looks good too - and also looks better than an own project that no one is using
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, hahaha yes,good point
<terriyu> The good thing about Kaggle is that if you get a top score, you can show that to people
<exploreshaifali> correct
<marina> terriyu: so contributing to a large project can be a good way to start and learn and know what you are doing will be useful to others
<exploreshaifali> yup
<terriyu> marina: I was talking about Kaggle, which is different than open source projects.  Kaggle is a competition website for machine learning.
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<terriyu> but yeah, on Kaggle, you can see what other people are doing and mesage them to compare approaches
<marina> terriyu: I see - I think a project contribution is more useful than a competition - and probably with the same effort the result of contributing can look more impressive because it will stand on its own grounds
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<terriyu> marina: the issue is that doing data science is usually about using the tools and not developing tools.  I'm not an expert though.  I did ask a famous NLP professor once about doing open source stuff in data science and he said that as far as he knew, there was only open source projects related to the tools.
<marina> terriyu: I see - but there are probably projects relating to open data as well - i.e. ones that analyse open data
<terriyu> marina: ah ok.  That's a good point.  I don't know much about that.  Maybe there are some open data things going on with the government sector.
<marina> terriyu: in the US, there is http://sunlightfoundation.com/
<exploreshaifali> there are projects related to open data like the one Rally - OpenStack component
<exploreshaifali> it measure load performance of openstack
<marina> exploreshaifali: there is also Open Data Day coming up! http://opendataday.org/
<exploreshaifali> also I saw one on mediawiki site
<marina> you can explore the different projects that participate
<exploreshaifali> marina, oh I didn't knew about. Thanks!
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<terriyu> exploreshaifali: Personally, I'm still sort of confused about all the different things going on in data science.  The name itself is sort of vague and the field is very new.  Be sure to gather some opinions from other people, too!
<exploreshaifali> terriyu, okay. Thanks!!
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<terriyu> have to run.  Honestly, (if you're not in school studying machine learning directly) I don't know what the best route to becoming a data scientist is.  You'll probably have to try a lot of different approaches.  Good luck, exploreshaifali !
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