Outreachy Administration System

The Outreachy administration system allows managing submitted and accepted applications.

Signing up as a Mentor

Both org coordinators and mentors should sign up as "mentors" in the administration system. There is no separate role for org coordinators in the system. All mentor applications are approved by coordinators of the program as a whole who are site administrators, not individual org coordinators.

To sign up as a mentor, choose "Apply to mentor" button after signing in and choose your organization. If you can't see the "Apply to mentor" button, sign in and then click the Outreachy logo in the top left navigation bar. Your mentor application will be approved as soon as a program coordinator sees it, which is typically within 24 hours. Unfortunately, the system doesn't have e-mail notifications at the moment, so you will need to check back after a period of time.

If you mentored in a previous round, you'll see "Will mentor again" button instead, and will be approved as a mentor automatically once you click it.

Viewing Applications

Once you are approved as a mentor, you can click "View applications" button or select the same option from the "Actions" menu to get to the applications viewing screen. There, you can select your or any other participating organization from the dropdown list to view applications received for it.

Reviewing Applications

The process of reviewing applications during the application process is described on a separate page.

Indicating Willingness to Mentor

Each application has "Willing to mentor" or "Add myself as additional mentor" at the bottom of the application. Mentors should use this button to indicate their willingness to mentor the applicant.

Accepting Agreements

(after participants are selected)

The process of accepting agreements for the applications you are mentoring is described on a separate page.


If you receive the following error when trying to log in: "Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'User profile request failed! Google returned an invalid response.'...", clear your cookies for the site and re-try.

Questions about the System

Questions can be sent to one of the regular Outreachy contact addresses.

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