For Mentors and Coordinators

  1. invite the interns to any relevant conferences or meetings that take place during or after the program. If the intern can travel to the organization's office, invite them to do so. It's especially great if the intern can meet their mentor during the program. If there are any wider scope FOSS events in the intern's geographical area that you think they would enjoy attending please be sure to let them know about these events. Help interns meet any community members who live in the same area with them. Face-to-face meeting with the community members and hack time together help interns make more progress, are a lot of fun, and improve their engagement with the community. $500 travel allowance is available to the interns for a year from the beginning of their internship

  2. hang out in #outreachy and #outreachy-admin on GIMPNet ( when you are on IRC
  3. review general mentorship resources

  4. at any time, please send us any feedback about the program, any questions or concerns

For Coordinators

  1. arrange to have the interns' blogs added to your organization's planet and to any other relevant planets as early as possible. Having the blogs included on the planets significantly improves the interns' engagement with the community and community's awareness about the program. All interns' blogs will be included on Planet Outreach.

  2. read the information for mentors below, so that you can best support mentors in their participation in the program

For Mentors

  1. the payments for the interns will be made in three installments. If at any point you have concerns about an intern's standing in the program, please let your organization's coordinator(s) and program coordinators know. We'd like to hear from you with any concerns sooner rather than later, so that we can make sure any concerns are being addressed by everyone involved and there is a shared understanding of the expectations for what is required for the internship to be successful.

    1. first payment is made based on both the intern and the mentor (or mentors) having accepted agreements. No further action is necessary on the part of the mentor for the payment to be sent. However, you should let us know no later than one day before the first payment is scheduled to be sent if your intern did not adequately begin their internship. In that case, their payment will be subject to you informing us at a later date that they have begun their internship. For May 2017 internships round, you have to notify us no later than June 8 (end of day anywhere) if you have concerns and would like us to delay the first payment.

    2. we will ask you for mid-point feedback and final feedback two weeks before each payment is scheduled to be sent. For May 2017 internships round, we will need your mid-point feedback by July 12 (end of day anywhere) and your final feedback by September 4 (end of day anywhere).
    3. in exceptional situations, when an intern had to miss more than two weeks of internship time or did not put in consistent 40 hours a week effort through a part of an internship, you and your intern will have an option to request up to five week extension, in which case the intern's mid-point and/or final payments will be delayed. Please contact program coordinators and your organization coordinator(s) as soon as possible if you think an extension might be necessary.
  2. communicate with your mentee frequently, point them to the relevant resources and people, and get their questions answered. It is a good practice to establish office hours on IRC twice a week, or at least once a week, when it is convenient for both of you to be around, discuss progress, and solve any issues together. Have the conversations in the channels, so that other people can learn from them or offer help.
  3. read your intern's blog and ask them to blog if you notice that they have not blogged for over two weeks.
  4. feel free to discuss and adjust the tasks for the intern to make sure the tasks stay manageable and relevant. The tasks should correspond to the intern's shown abilities, evolving interests, and current priorities of your project.
  5. we see these internships like fellowships, which offer an opportunity to the intern to learn and develop experience contributing to free software. While we encourage you to be very selective during the selection process, we encourage you to adjust to the intern's shown abilities during the internship. The interns have a lot to learn and, while you should guide them to the information most relevant to completing their task, this is an opportunity for them to explore subjects in depth. Generally we would like the internships to be as stress-free, fun, and educational as possible. However, here is what we ask you do if you feel that your intern is not putting in enough effort into the internship:
    1. agree on a specific plan of IRC office hours and weekly status reports with questions about blocking issues from the intern via e-mail, and make sure you both stick to it by rescheduling any missed meetings and sending a request for update the day after a missed report
    2. if two weeks after establishing this plan, there are still issues, have an open conversation with the intern to communicate your concerns, remind about the 40 hours a week time requirement, find out what is holding them back, and make recommendations about how they can improve. Make a record of this conversation. Please feel free to consult with your organization's coordinator or program coordinators if you are not sure how to best approach the topic.

    3. if at any point after that you feel that the situation has not improved, please let your organization's coordinator and program coordinators know about it.

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