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You are welcome to raise awareness about the Outreach Program any time throughout the year. We particularly appreciate people sending the information to the university departments, Free and Open Source Software groups, posting the flyer on university campuses or handing it out at conferences, as well as blogging, denting, tweeting about the programs or encouraging people personally to apply during the application period. For that, we provide a sample e-mail text, a flyer, and even a sample social network update! Application periods usually start in March and in September.

If you are looking to spread the word about other opportunities in Free and Open Source Software, you might find helpful our sections about online and physical spaces where the information was promoted for previous rounds. You can also contact women in technology groups and women in computer science in academia groups listed on the Geek Feminism website.


Outreach Program For Women Logo. CC-BY-SA - artists: Máirín Duffy, Liansu Yu, Hylke Bons

Outreach Program for Women Logo

Robot Logo. CC-BY-SA - artists: Máirín Duffy, Hylke Bons

Robot Logo


In addition to the cartoon about the program, a couple smaller derivative images were made from it. See the attachments page for SVG and XCF versions. CC-BY-SA - artists Liansu Yu, Christy Eller, Meg Ford, Tamara Atanasoska, Barbara Muraus, Marina Zhurakhinskaya




You can find the flyer for the current round here. Here are additional flyers you might want to use. Please print out or attach the PDF version that is right for the paper format used at your locale.

Presentation Materials

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Spread The Word Resources by Round

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