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<ebr_career> oh thank goodness!
<marina> yay! hi ebr_career!
<ebr_career> Hello, and my sincere apologies, and I'm so glad I work near a public library!
<ebr_career> Anyone who has stuck around for career questions, I'm so glad you did and let's get started!
<ebr_career> And if anyone left, or had to go, I'm hopeful that they'll email the listserve, and I'll make sure to add some more office hours when I am not in my office
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<ebr_career> Ok, I'm going to do some soundboarding
<ebr_career> I've worked as a career advisor for a few years now, and one of the things that I am glad to be giving back is because I've seen so many women who hold back in their careers
<marina> The log of the office hours will later be published on https://wiki.gnome.org/OutreachProgramForWomen/Meetings ; you are welcome to ask ebr_career and me questions privately over private message
<ebr_career> and so I'm glad to be here to answer any questions and help people (as many have helped me) with anything-there are no questions too small!
* andre_ gives channel operator status to marina
* marina has changed the topic to: The log of the office hours will later be published on https://wiki.gnome.org/OutreachProgramForWomen/Meetings ; you are welcome to ask ebr_career and marina questions privately over private message
<marina> if you don't have questions, we'd love to hear what have you been up to in your careers, and maybe that will prompt questions from others
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<ebr_career> great idea!
* nidhi (73f8625b@ircip1.mibbit.com) has joined #opw
<ebr_career> It seems like in some private conversations a lot of people have questions about resumes
<cosmoecho> marina, ebr_career: I would like to thank you for doing this! And for OPW opportunities as well. Thanks to your effort I was able to change my career path! :) I love what I do now and I dont get bored. There are many challenges ahead, but they are just good! I am happy to be a 2013 OPW intern and now its over a year since I have completed my internship. I could not be more happy with the projects I am working on.
<ebr_career> that's wonderful!
<marina> alpa_astero, ana, chapulina, cosmoecho, dvd, fabiana-away, fujii, gonyere, maxa_qemu_alum, nidhi, Niharika, rashika, riecatnor, salarcon, sandaru, satabdi, sweet_kid, vkmc: it's great to see you all in the channel! how are things :)?
<marina> cosmoecho: that's great to hear! could you describe what you did during and after the internship? how did you get to where you are now?
<alpa_astero> marina: Things are good; I'm happily employed, but figured I'd lurk in this meeting. :-)
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<marina> alpa_astero: yeah, I figured a lot of people just thought they'd lurk ;) - which is usually what I tell people is fine on IRC
<marina> alpa_astero: what do you do for work now? does your work with Libav related directly or indirectly?
<cosmoecho> marina: after the internship I had to learn a lot and get ready for interviews. I also took coursera and edx courses in alghoritms, GPU and embedded systems programming. I had to build the skill needed for interviews. Few interviews I have failed because I could not program that quick :)
<Niharika> Hi ebr_career. Great to see that you managed to come. :)
<alpa_astero> marina: compilers; it's entirely unrelated to Libav.
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<ebr_career> Thanks, I'm glad to be here
<ebr_career> And cosmoecho, don't worry about the speed
<ebr_career> that will come-and many interviewers know that you're nervous and sometimes take that into account
<rashika> marina, Everything is going well! I am finishing my graduation this year and am on a lookout for jobs.
<Niharika> rashika: Same here. :)
<ebr_career> I've seen a lot of programmers who suddenly get really good at programming (during the interview) after a few interviews that don't go so well
<ebr_career> so don't panic!
<cosmoecho> marina: But at my work programming quickly is good, but it takes lots of time and understanding what I want to write first. I can say that speed is less important then quality and understanding what I do, not breaking things :)
<sandaru>  same here with me too Niharika and Rashika
<ebr_career> I was linking to https://wiki.gnome.org/OutreachProgramForWomen/Opportunities and https://openhatch.org/wiki/Opportunities
<riecatnor> Hiya marina! Things are going pretty well.. my freelance work is going okay at the moment, but I am still looking for a full time job. Things are great with Fedora, I am  planning a trip for next month to visit my mentor, we still have not met! Also in January I will be attending a Design Team Fedora Activity Day
<ebr_career> in some of my private conversations
<marina> cosmoecho: so for the benefit of others, you were in the first group of interns with the Linux kernel - working on Xen drivers, right? how does your job relate to it now?
<nidhi> hey marina  same with me 
<nidhi> I'm looking for jobs after graduation
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<cosmoecho> marina: oh yes, happy to say I keep on working on linux and xen. And I am getting better at linux architecture in general. It takes time, but every day little more and more.
<marina> one thing that I do notice is that for a lot of interns who did really well in their projects, it still might take up to a year of contributing and targeted learning to get the job they want; it doesn't necessarily happen right after the internship, but it happens after a while
<cosmoecho> marina: I am still working on my project, some patches are in Xen 4.5 and the rest of them will be in 4.6
<ebr_career> that's true-and it's not a criticism of the person
<Niharika> Does anyone know of any mailing lists where job opportunities are actively posted? 
<ebr_career> the thing about the industry is that jobs open all the time, and depending on where you are (both in space and in your programming)
<sandaru> Dis you try Systers?
<ebr_career> something might not line up right away
<cosmoecho> marina: I totally agree. I could get job which was not what I wanted. But I kept on pursuing the path of system programming.
<ebr_career> Sandaru, have you had success with Systers?
<cosmoecho> marina: It took some time, but I think it is a very interesting path.
<sandaru> I Have seen lots of job opportunities posted there. Although I haven't tried any
<ebr_career> It's always worth it to take the extra time to focus on the path you want-as you mentioned, you could get a job doing something else, but then a few years from now, you'd be thinking "I wish I had stuck with system programming"
<salarcon> Niharika: The Adacamp Alumni list is open only to people who have attended Adacamp, but people often post listings there. I enjoyed Adacamp in Washington, DC in 2012 quite a lot and can recommend it. The organizers are making a lot of effort to host Adacamps in lots of areas of the globe.
<Niharika> sandaru: Could you share the link please? :)
<Niharika> salarcon: Great! I'm going to Adacamp next month. Then I'll be able to join in as well. 
<ebr_career> sandaru: it's a really good thing to read the postings
<ebr_career> I was just saying in a private chat that having the wording on your resume that's similar to the job posting can be crucial for certain employers
<marina> riecatnor: it doesn't look like the website is up yet - but the next Libre Graphics Meeting is in Toronto in April 2015 - it'd be fantastic for you to go there
<marina> riecatnor: you could do a talk about Fedora badges there
<sandaru> http://anitaborg.org/get-involved/systers/
<sandaru> http://systers.org/mailman/listinfo/systers
<sandaru> Niharika I also hope to come to Ada camp, Banglore
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<Niharika> sandaru: Thanks! Awesome. Hope to see you there. :)
<sandaru> yeah :)
<Niharika> Anyone else coming to Adacamp, Bangalore too? :)
<marina> riecatnor: LibrePlanet, which is in Boston in March, has a call for sessions open until November 2 - would be great to see you hear and have a talk about Fedora Badges at the conference too - https://www.libreplanet.org/2015/call_for_sessions/
<rashika> sandaru, Niharika : same here, I hope I can make up to the conference.
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<Niharika> I'd recommend everyone to submit a proposal for LibrePlanet. :) My ex-mentor told me about it. 
<ebr_career> That's a great recommendation Niharika!
<marina> Niharika, everyone: yes, please submit proposals for LibrePlanet! https://www.libreplanet.org/2015/call_for_sessions/
<ebr_career> I unfortunately have to head out in a minute-I know not everyone had all of their career questions answered, and I wish I could stay longer
<ebr_career> but I'm going to add some additional office hours to make up for it-and of course as Marina has said, we'll post the transcript of these discussions
<satabdi> Hi @Niharika I am coming to Adacamp Bangalore
<ebr_career> And I know a few of you are sending your resumes to me via email-I look forward to going over them!
<Niharika> ebr_career: Thanks! I was about to ask about that. 
<Niharika> satabdi: Great! Where are you coming from? 
<riecatnor> marina: very cool! I am reading up on it now 
<ebr_career> yes, I can't promise a fast turnaround (as quite a few people are sending) but I'm definitely going to review them!
<rashika> marina, ebr_career: Thanks for arranging this :)
<ebr_career> No problem, glad to be of help!
<satabdi> Niharika: Delhi
<ebr_career> Have a good one-Marina, I'll be in touch about new hours!
<Niharika> satabdi: Me too! :) 
<Niharika> satabdi: Attending GHC India too?
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<satabdi> Niharika: yep. you too? 
<Niharika> marina: Is there a reason behind this channel not being logged?
<Niharika> satabdi: Yeah, me too. 
<satabdi> anyone else here attending Adacamp Bangalore and GHC India?
<rashika> satabdi, I am planning to. But I am not sure if my university exams are clashing with it or not :(
<nidhi> satabdi: same as rashika
<marina> so great to see many of you planning to attend AdaCamp!!
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<marina> Niharika: I don't think there is a setup to log GIMPNet channels
<Niharika> Oh. Okay. 
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<marina> Niharika: but when there are meetings, we distribute the log either to the mailing list of participants or publish them
<marina> Niharika: the log from these office hours will be added to https://wiki.gnome.org/OutreachProgramForWomen/Meetings
<Niharika> marina: Okay, thank you. :) 
<Niharika> One more question. 
<Niharika> marina: I was wondering if it was possible to redeem the $500 travel fund for traveling to Adacamp and GHC India, although I won't be meeting my mentor there. 
<marina> Niharika: I think it can qualify, because at the AdaCamp you will be connecting with a free software community, but you need to get your mentors agreement that this is the most relevant travel you can spend your allowance on
<Niharika> marina: Okay. I'll talk to them. 
<Niharika> Thanks.
<marina> Niharika: great
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<satabdi> rashika: nidhi good luck with your exam and hope that your exam dates don't clash with the conference dates
<rashika> satabdi, yeah :)
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* vkmc lurks 
* marina waves to lurking vkmc
<marina> vkmc: are you going to the OpenStack summit?
<vkmc> :D
<vkmc> hiiiii marina! 
<vkmc> marina, I'm going yes! 
<marina> hiiii vkmc!
<marina> vkmc: yay!!! are you doing any talks there?
<marina> vkmc: do you know of any other alums who are going?
<vkmc> marina, just a design session for the project I'm working on
<vkmc> I do yeah
<marina> vkmc: so cool!
<vkmc> cpallares, AAzza, amalagon, sayali 
<vkmc> a lot! 
<marina> vkmc: wow! awesome! hope you all have fun!
<vkmc> the OpenStack Foundation gave us scholarships to attend the summit, they were really kind with us
<vkmc> marina, we will be organizing an OpenStack OPW meeting! 
<vkmc> this is the first time so many interns attend the summit
<marina> that's great! thank you reed and the OpenStack Foundation!!!
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<vkmc> so we thought it was a good idea to organize something
<reed> OPW laureates unite! :)
<marina> vkmc: sounds great! you can invite mentors too
<vkmc> yeah reed rocks :D
<vkmc> marina, of course, that is what we wanted 
<vkmc> mentors and coordinators
<marina> laureates :) lol!
<marina> yep! coordinators are mentors too ;)
<vkmc> this round a good number of developers volunteered as mentors
<vkmc> so there are like 8 mentors listed for OpenStack 
<marina> vkmc: yes, OpenStack ideas page looks awesome this round!!!
<marina> so well-prepared
<vkmc> marina, :D yeah, the OPW community in OpenStack is growing a lot and people is already seeing how good it is to have more people involved that way
<vkmc> many incredible applicants showed up since the first round
<marina> vkmc: yes, it makes a big difference when people see strong new contributors at a conference who joined through the program!
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<marina> vkmc: I'm really grateful to have organizations like OpenStack that create a very nice community for the interns and applicants
<marina> sarahsharp said there were 8 OPW alums at LinuxCon - the kernel community is rocking too :)
<vkmc> wooow that's so great :D
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<marina> hi AAzza! vkmc just mentioned you are going to the OpenStack Summit next week!!
<AAzza> marina: yes!
<vkmc> :) hey AAzza!
<marina> AAzza: have fun! any particular plans for it?
<sarahsharp> marina: yes, the Linux kernel interns gave lightning talks to a packed room at LinuxCon Europe.  People commented on how good the presentations were, and how complex some of the projects were.
<marina> sarahsharp: so cool! thanks for arranging all that!
<sarahsharp> marina: You're welcome!  I think all the OPW interns had a great time. :)
<AAzza> marina: oh, just talk to people, and visit as much as possible talks :) the only thing  i'm sure i will attend is woman breakfest session (doesn't remember how it is called exactly), others is still need to be decided :)
<marina> sarahsharp: great to hear :)!
<AAzza> marina: openstack summit is very big :)
<marina> AAzza: sounds like a great plan! yeah, it's huge! I'm sure it will be overwhelming :)
<AAzza> marina: and in addition need to visit the Paris and Disneyland :-D it is too ambitions, probably
<AAzza> marina: btw, i found myself promoting OPW to all technical girls I met :)
<vkmc> brb, off to lunch :)
<marina> AAzza: you'll be in Paris, so I hope you get to see some of it; and it's good to have additional ideas :)
<marina> AAzza: thank you!
<marina> vkmc: later!
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<riecatnor> marina: do you think I should propose the same talk that I did for Flock? is there a way to frame it to have a better chance of being selected?
<marina> riecatnor: that talk was fantastic, so I'm not even sure what I would change about it; maybe a bit more information about gamification - you could dig up what Mozilla does for badges too for example
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<riecatnor> marina: ok, thanks for the suggestion :) 
<marina> riecatnor: welcome :)!
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<marina> thanks to everyone who signed in for the office hours; hopefully we won't have technical difficulties next time, so please join again; in the meantime you are welcome to send your questions and resumes for review to op-career-advisors@gnome.org , which is an alias that goes to Erin and Tim Chevalier
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* marina has changed the topic to: Welcome applicants!
<bugZPDX> marina: I came late. Any OPW applicant can submit questions and resumes there?
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<marina> bugZPDX: it's primarily intended for alums and participants, but you are welcome to submit questions and resume there too - in fact it's a good idea to discuss your career plans even before participating in OPW
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<bugZPDX> marina: Great! Thank you.

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