Decision Feedback

Applicant was accepted

Subject: Congratulations on your OPW acceptance!

Dear OPW interns,

Congratulations on being accepted for the Outreach Program for Women organized by the GNOME Foundation! The list of all accepted participants is now posted on 

Please write back as soon as possible to confirm that you will be able to participate in the program. Please let us know if any corrections need to be made to your listing.

There are several ways we would like to keep in touch with all participants:

* Blogs *

If you don't already have one, please start one. Please write updates about your work during the internship period every two weeks. Of course, you are welcome to blog more often too and you are welcome to blog about any subject that you think would be of interest to the FOSS community. Once you have set up your blog, please e-mail James Vasile  at james at hackervisions dot org to have it added to - the Women in Free Software planet. You can specify either the entire blog RSS feed or a specific feed you want to be aggregated. Please also specify that you are an OPW intern. This is a great way for the FOSS community to find out what you are doing and for you to find out about each other's work! In many cases, your blogs will also be aggregated on the planets of the organizations you are working with - coordinators from each organization will be in touch with more details about it.

* IRC *

Please hang out in #opw on (GimpNET), in addition to the channels specific to your organization, at most times when you are doing internship work. Feel free to chat with each other or ask any questions in that channel any time. We'll have an IRC meeting the second week of internship period in that channel for everyone to meet each other. I will get it scheduled closer to the date.

* Mailing list for coordinators and mentors * is a private list for the program's coordinators and mentors. Please feel free to e-mail it if you have any general question about the program at any time. For the questions specific to your organization, please contact your mentor, the organization's coordinator or a relevant mailing list.

* Alias for all participants *

opw-interns-january-2013 at gnome dot org is the e-mail alias for the e-mails of all participants. We'll use it to reach you and you can use it to chat with each other. You can use it in combination with to reach everyone involved with this round of the program.

* Hashtag *

Hashtag for the program is #fossopw . Feel free to use it in your and Twitter posts about the program.

I'll send an e-mail with instructions for information we need for sending you the payments later this week. You can find the information about our expectations during the program and payments schedule on

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns any time!


Applicant was not accepted

[Respond directly to the application that was sent in. If you can't find it, use "OPW application follow-up" as a subject.]


Unfortunately, we were not able to select you for this round of the Outreach Program for Women internships with [APPLICANT'S ORGANIZATION].

The response to the program has been very high this round, with many applicants successfully completing a contribution and establishing a relationship with a project they applied for. We looked at the applicant's contribution, history of involvement in [APPLICANT'S ORGANIZATION] and Free and Open Source Software, and strength of their background in the area they applied for when making the selection decisions.

We hope what you learned about [APPLICANT'S ORGANIZATION] and Free and Open Source Software community through this experience will lead to more opportunities for you in the future. We'd like to encourage you to keep contributing to [APPLICANT'S ORGANIZATION] and apply for the next round of the outreach program [ADD IF APPLICANT IS A STUDENT: "and for Google Summer of Code"]. Please feel free to ask [FIRST NAME OF MENTOR APPLICANT WORKED WITH] for guidance and help with your future contributions. [SPECIFIC ADVICE ABOUT STAYING INVOLVED, e.g. "Reading Planet GNOME, signing up for gnome-women-list, hanging out on the #gnome-shell, #gnome-hackers and #gnome-women IRC channels, signing up for GNOME Shell Bugzilla and commit updates are all excellent ways to stay in touch with the GNOME community and GNOME Shell project."]

The list of accepted participants is posted on

Thanks again for your interest to work on [APPLICANT'S ORGANIZATION], contribution to [PROJECT APPLICANT CONTRIBUTED TO], and taking the time to apply for the program!


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