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GNOME will be participating in Google's Summer of Code (SoC) again this year. We will have a bunch of students working on some cool projects related to the GNOME desktop. Each project is supervised by an experienced member of the GNOME community.

We need help to make GNOME SoC this year a success again. If you develop software for the GNOME desktop, please consider to become a mentor this summer. If you are a student, please consider applying for GNOME Summer of Code to become a student participant.

Please check this page out again when call for proposals is out. Feel free to join the #soc channel on! If you have any questions, please read Google SoC's FIXME: frequently asked questions first. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact "FIXME: list of people that accepts to be involved and helping GSoC students, with links to their wiki profile", however, please avoid questions like "do you think my idea will be accepted?".

Selected Students for GSoC $YEAR

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  • Student name 1 for project under Mentor name

  • Student name 2 for project under Mentor name

  • ...
  • ...

Important Dates

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  • March 13: Mentoring organization application deadline.
  • March 18: List of accepted mentoring organizations published on; student application period opens

  • March 23: Student applications open
  • April 03: Student application deadline

  • April 20: List of accepted student applications published on
  • May 23: Students begin coding for their GSoC projects; Google begins issuing initial student payments

  • July 13: Mid-term evaluations deadline
  • August 17: Pencils down

The complete list of important dates can be found in [$YEAR|FIXME: SoC timeline]].

Project Ideas

Our pool of project ideas is found in SummerOfCode$YEAR/FIXME: Ideas. All potential mentors, don't hesitate to add some ideas of projects that could improve GNOME. All potential student applicants are encouraged to browse this page.

Information for Students

Information for Mentors

All GNOME Foundation members can apply to be a mentor. They will then be able to look at all project applications, comment on them and note that they could mentor specific projects. If you're not a GNOME Foundation member and you still want to become a member, you can apply, too.

Mentor registration is not yet open on Google's Summer of Code site.

Other mentoring resources:

Selection Process

See SummerOfCode$YEAR/FIXME: Students for details on selection criteria.

Every GNOME Foundation member will be able to look at the student applications and comment on them after applying to be a mentor. When the student application period is closed, a small selection committee (around 10 people) will analyze the comments and select the projects that are, in their opinion, the best.

If you're interested in being in this committee, please contact AdamSchreiber, DanielSiegel and SandyArmstrong.


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