A guide to administering Google Summer of Code for GNOME.

This should make the process somewhat more repeatable and avoid that we forget critical steps in the process. It's a living document, feel free to add / change stuff if needed.


Tasks that need to be done:


After acceptance:

  • Finalize enrollment
  • Advertise to students
  • Send out another call for ideas, to activate the laggards (See Outreach/SummerOfCode/2015/Mails)

  • Continue triaging new ideas


  • Send "better luck next time email" to rejected students Outreach/SummerOfCode/2013/Mails

  • Send "congrats" email to accepted students. Some important points: Outreach/SummerOfCode/2013/Mails

  • Send email to all mentors, to remind them to get in touch with their student(s)
  • Send email to devel-devel-list and foundation-list to introduce all the projects.
  • Create a Projects page on the wiki, listing all projects and linking to a wiki page per project (which can be used to track progress). For instance: Outreach/SummerOfCode/2013/Projects

    • Planet GNOME Policy (draft)
      • Your blog (please create if you don't already have one) will be added to PGO from now until December (gives plenty of time for some follow-up blogging)
        • If you want your blog to stay after December, you'll need to email a PGO editor just like everyone else (and stay involved in GNOME)
      • We ask students to try to blog at least every other week
      • Give tips for making good posts (not too long, not too short, break up text with screenshots or diagrams, etc)
      • Hackergotchi
      • Anything else?
    • TODO
  • TODO

Before the midterm eval

  • make sure every soc mentor is subscribed to the soc-mentors list
  • write a reminder about evaluations

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