Here are the project pages which will contain all the information about what GNOME's Google Summer of Code students are working on in summer 2020.

Student Name

Mentor Name

Project Information

Clarissa Borges

Claudio Wunder, Caroline Henriksen

Evaluation of requirements, content, design and components for the refresh of the website (abstract)


Michael Catanzaro

UI improvements to Epiphany's Preferences, History dialog and the Bookmarks popover (abstract)

S Sai Vineet

Alberto Fanjul

Polish and optimise gitg files and diff plugins (abstract)

Apoorv Sachan

António Fernandes

Port Nautilus Properties Dialog to Use GtkBuilder (abstract)

José F Lorenzo-Hernández


Bring battery testing back to the future (abstract)

Nour E-Din El-Nhass

mcrha Tom "TAsn" Hacohen

Add Evolution Data Server EteSync sync module (abstract)

Chinmay Gurjar

Jean Felder

Support Remote Sources in Music (abstract)

Mariana Pícolo

Florian Müllner

GNOME Shell Notification Popover Redesign (abstract)

Kavan Mevada

Felipe Borges & Bilal Elmoussaoui

Redesign Sound Recorder to make it adaptive (abstract)

Adwait Rawat

Alexander Mikhaylenko

Add UI for importing and managing firmware in GNOME Games (abstract)

Ujjwal Kumar

Adrien Plazas

Adaptive Grid/Form Widget (abstract)

Mahmoud Khalil

Alberto Fanjul Alonso

Detecting Differences Between Two Non-Consecutive Commits For Gitg (abstract)

Neville Antony

Alexander Mikhaylenko

Implement Collections in GNOME Games (abstract)

Alejandro Domínguez

Daniel García Moreno

Add Multi account support in Fractal (abstract)

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