Here are the project pages which will contain all the information about what GNOME's Google Summer of Code students are working on in summer 2019.

Student Name

Mentor Name

Project Information

Sajeer Ahamed Riyaf

Sebastian Dröge

Converting GStreamer plugins to Rust (abstract)

Andrei Lişiţă

Alexander Mikhaylenko

Saved States Manager for GNOME Games (abstract)

Xiang Fan

Jordan Petridis

gtk4-rs: GTK 4 Rust Bindings (abstract)

Stefanos Dimos

Florian Müllner

Polari - Preview Links (abstract)


Ondřej Holý

Improve Google-Drive support for GVfs (abstract)

Ravgeet Dhillon

Emmanuele Bassi

Rework the GTK Website (abstract)


Jean Felder

GNOME Music: Full stack MusicBrainz integration (abstract)

Gaurav Agrawal

Alberto Fanjul Alonso

Implement side by side diff view in Gitg (abstract

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