Dino: Message Search

About the project

GNOME is lacking a chat client which looks “modern” and is thus visually and user experience-wise attractive to new users. Dino fits well into the GNOME desktop and improving Dinos functionality would provide the community with a good chat client. This project adds an efficient and visually appealing message search with a good user experience in Dino.

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About me

I go under the nickname bobufa and currently doing undergraduate studies in computer science and engineering.


fiaxh and larma, the original Dino developers, co-mentor me on this GSoC.


Time period



May 14 – May 27

Design and implement a message index for fast search and retrieval in libdino


May 28 – June 10

Implement basic functional sidebar-UI and connect it to the backend


June 11 – June 24

Make it possible to jump to a point in time in the conversation screen


June 25 – July 8

Implement filtering (e.g. by contact) and searchbar auto-completion


July 9 – July 22

Visually smooth and polish the sidebar-UI and search bar


July 23 – August 6

Backup time, testing, documentation

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