Here are the project pages with all the information about what GNOME's Google Summer of Code students are working on in summer 2018.

Student Name

Mentor Name

Project Information

Julian Sparber

Daniel García Moreno

Improve the Fractal UI (A GTK Matrix client) (abstract)

Eisha Chen-yen-su

Daniel García Moreno

Fractal UI redesign and new dialogs (abstract)

Aditya Manglik

Felipe Borges, Christian Kellner

Power panel for GNOME Usage (abstract)

Ernestas Kulik

Carlos Soriano

Nautilus GTK+ 4 Port

Alexandru Fazakas

Carlos Soriano

Nautilus tests, profiling and debug framework (abstract)

Suhas Nayak

Mathieu Duponchelle

Pitivi: Slow-motion Video

Ruxandra Simion

Robert Roth

Five or More Modernisation (abstract)

Ivan Molodetskikh

Federico Mena-Quintero

Porting of librsvg filters to Rust (abstract)


Abhinav Singh

Segregate games and display metadata (abstract)

Rohit Kaushik

Georges Stavracas

Make Todoist and Todo.txt integration shine (abstract)

Harish Fulara

Alexandru Balut

Pitivi UI Polishing (abstract)

Fabian (bobufa)

fiaxh, Marvin (larma)

Dino: Message search (abstract)

Jiahui Liu

Jonathan Kang, David King

GNOME-logs: Responsive updates (abstract)

Yatin Maan

Thibault Saunier

Pitivi: Scaled Proxies (abstract)

Evan Welsh

Manuel Quiñones

GJS Example Applications and Overall Improvement (abstract)

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