GNOME Games: Make the Nintendo DS a First Class Citizen

Project Description

Goal of this project is to enable full support for Nintendo DS games in gnome-games. All the cool features of Nintendo DS such as,

  • Dual Display with touch support
  • Closing the lid to solve puzzles
  • Screen Rotation

will be implemented in gnome-games which will give the user a console close feeling when playing games. Furthermore, as different games have different usages of the two screens, allowing the users to focus on the primary screen while showing the second one small/aside is another goal of the project.

About Me

My name is Yasitha Rajapaksha and I'm a Computer Engineering undergraduate from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.


Adrien Plazas




June 01 - June 15

Analyze Desmume Libretro core and understand how it works with gnome-games

Make sure Desmume Libretro smoothly works with gnome-games

June 15 - June 29

Add touch screen support via mouse pointer movement and clicks

Add touch screen support via touch events

June 29 – July 13

Add touch screen support via right stick of gamepads

Add touch support via touchpads of gamepads and laptops

July 13 - July 27

Add a special button or a key combination that emulates lid closing

Implement the screen rotation function

July 27 - August 10

Plan the interface to be implemented

Implement the feature to focus only on one screen when needed

August 10 – August 24

Finalizing and making sure everything works fine

Further improvements will be considered

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