Pitivi: UI For the Ken Burns project

Short Description

This project aims to offer Pitivi users a way to create effects based on the positioning and zoom of the clips. At the moment, the placement and width/height of a clip can be modified by the user, but there is no method to:

  • specify these attributes at various time points
  • smoothly transition between two different positions or zoom levels.

I plan to implement these features. Effects like Ken-Burns or wipe transitions between scenes will be achievable upon completion of the project.

If everything goes well, I intend to start working on another project called Operations on intervals at the end of the summer (after GUADEC). Its goal is to allow rendering and playing only a portion of the timeline, as well as copying/deleting/moving only portions of clips.

For further updates on the project, check out my blog.

About me

My name is Stefan-Adrian Popa and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering at University Politehnica of Bucharest.


30 May - 11 June

Analyze Thibault Saunier's (my mentor) transfobox+keyframes branch and define how the user interface will look like


12 June - 25 June

Keyframes for transformation properties (width, height, position of clip)


Phase 1 evaluation

26 June - 9 July

Control transformation properties values at various keyframes using the viewer


10 July - 23 July

Implement keyframe selection


Phase 2 evaluation and GUADEC

24 July - 6 August

Select timeline interval with keyboard shortcuts and render selected interval


7 August - 27 August

Allow selecting interval by dragging on the ruler. Implement copy/delete/move only a portion of a clip.



After completing the Ken Burns project, my mentor and I decided that it would be best to not continue with the Operations on intervals project, as we planned at the beginning of GSOC and instead focus on solving other more pressing tasks that kept us from releasing Pitivi 0.99. I won't list all the tasks I worked on here, but you can find the complete list, as well as links to all my work in my final report.

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