Gnome-Shell UX Tweaks

Short Description

Graphical Shells are basically what most of the users perceive as an Operating System. It is the main way through which users interact with different components of the OS and all other Apps. It has been a while since Command Line Interfaces were the only way to tell a computer what to do. Now, shells are more visual, intuitive and interactive. They contain and manage a virtual model of the tools you need in order to get your job done, like programs you use to draw, take notes, view pictures, listen to music, and the list can go on and on. Gnome-shell does exactly that: it controls the window system and manages opening and closing apps so that users can quickly switch between programs.

Main Features

The aim of the project is to:

  • Update the look of the gnome-shell search results
  • Add system actions to shell search
  • Add help overlay to gnome-shell

Update: public gist with final evaluation links.

About me

My name is RareČ™ Visalom and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering at University Politehnica of Bucharest.

You can find out more on my blog, here.


30 May - 15 June

Begin working on the UI for the refined search and have a first version of it

15 June - 25 June

Polish the search results feature and finish it

Phase one evaluation

25 June - 9 July

Find a way to inject system actions into the search results

9 July - 23 July

Work on the UI of the new system actions search results

Phase two evaluation

23 July - 7 August

Finish the system actions feature

7 August - 21 August

Begin working on the help overlay feature

21 August - 29 August

Finish the help overlay feature

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