Keysign: Alternative Key transports

Short description

Currently, GNOME Keysign transfers keys via a wireless network. This requirement can be challenging in certain situations where the network does not allow clients to connect to each other. The idea now is to add Bluetooth and Magic Wormhole to transfer a key. This project encompasses the following tasks: (i) implement a Bluetooth and wormhole sender and receiver, (ii) ensure that the data has not been tampered with, and (iii) provide enough details in error cases so that the user can recover from them.

About me

My name is Ludovico de Nittis and I am currently attending the second year of a Master degree in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Bologna.

Contact me at :

  • IRC (Gimpnet / Freenode) : ryukk_
  • Email : aasonykk+gnome AT google mail DOT com

Updated regarding the project will be posted on my blog.


30 May - 11 June

Implementing a first Magic Wormhole transfer

12 June - 25 June

Implementing of error handling for the Magic Wormhole transfer and provisioning of enough details so that the user can recover from them

26 June - 30 June

Phase 1 evaluation

1 July - 16 July

Ensuring that the data transferred with Magic Wormhole has not been tampered or corrupted. Implementing a first Bluetooth transfer

17 July - 23 July

Finalizing the Bluetooth implementation also with error handling

24 July - 27 July

Phase 2 evaluation

28 July - 2 Aug

Attending GUADEC

3 Aug - 13 Aug

Checking for tampering and corruption for Bluetooth. Testing, bug hunting and fixing, writing documentation

14 Aug - 20 Aug

Fixing remaining bugs, polishing the GUI and the code

Works done

Both Magic Wormhole and Bluetooth implementations are currently in pull request status.

Magic Wormhole PR

Bluetooth PR

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