Documentation Cards for GNOME Builder

Short Description

  • This project helps GNOME developers find documentation while they are writing code without having to switch to searching documentation on Google or Develop. Think of it as a "twitter card" or "facebook card" describing a user, but instead for code and APIs. By clicking on a piece of code, the developer can see the documentation, or possibly even commentary about that API. Solving this task means that we can reduce frustration and friction to getting started with writing software for GNOME. By having quick access to documentation and the ability to explore existing code, we provide developers with a rich environment to self-learn.

    Developer: Lucie Charvat

Project Timeline


Getting familiar with the documentation system.

Identification of the most important/practical information that has to be in the small view and information that should be in expanded view.

Finding the best approach to get needed information, i.e., the most relevant part of the documentation, links, author information, etc.

Initial implementation providing basic functionality such as the snippet view of the documentation and the link to the documentation.


Start with the graphical design of the cards, making sure it fits with the design of GNOME Builder.

Add more features to the view, ideas include: (a) View the next most relevant part of documentation. (b) Name on contact of the author of the documentation. (c) Save favorite/most used part of documentation (d) Add the possibility to comment

Show the current functionality to test group and get feedback on the design and practical aspect of the features. Incorporate the input.


Make documentation snippet accessible through console.

Testing (create set of unit tests), perfecting and documenting the work.

If at any point I find myself ahead of schedule, I would like to help out with writing of the documentation for GNOME Builder.

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