Documentation Cards for GNOME Builder

Short Description

  • This project helps GNOME developers find documentation while they are writing code without having to switch to searching documentation on Google or Develop. Think of it as a "twitter card" or "facebook card" describing a user, but instead for code and APIs. By clicking on a piece of code, the developer can see the documentation, or possibly even commentary about that API. Solving this task means that we can reduce frustration and friction to getting started with writing software for GNOME. By having quick access to documentation and the ability to explore existing code, we provide developers with a rich environment to self-learn.

    Developer: Lucie Charvat Mentor: Christian Hergert

Outcome of GSoC 2017

  • Within the time limit of GSoC I have created provider/consumer typed structure that accept documentation information from multiple potential providers and allows consumers to use it as intended. The main feature I focused on was the documentation cards - a popover widget providing quick look at information found in the documentation(s). The documentation cards react to hover over words in the source code and if any information is found it is presented to the user. The code has been merged with the master of GNOME Builder and the contribution can be found here

  • To take advantage of the newly created structure, I have started incorporating to the autocompletion widget that appears while writing. The detail button (accessible via Alt+D shortcut) now provides the output and parameters of the function currently selected. “Work in progress” branch can be found here:

  • A blog describing my journey with GSoC can be found here:

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