Improving the out-of-the-box cloud experience with Nextcloud and GNOME


The integration of privacy-aware cloud services is already quite good inside the GNOME desktop environment as gnome-online-services already provides file browsing as well as calendar/contact sync with existing GNOME apps. Nevertheless the integration of the Nextcloud desktop client for file synchronization still has lot of room for improvement.

By now the client demands that the user already has an account for a Nextcloud instance. Providing the setup wizard with a simple list of hosting providers will allow users to find a provider they trust and register an account from within the client.

The integration with the GNOME desktop environment will be improved by extending the existing file context menu and file icon overlays. Furthermore basic integration the the cloud providers API proposed by Carlos Soriano will be added.

Gnome as well as KDE both provide a simple single sign-on service that allows users to enter their credentials for web services like Nextcloud (gnome-online-accounts and accounts-sso). The Nextcloud client should make use of the accounts created there as well as add accounts when setting them up in the client.

About me

I'm Julius Härtl, computer science student from Würzburg, Germany. You can reach me at:

  • Email: <jus AT SPAMFREE bitgrid DOT net>

  • IRC: juliushaertl


  • Carlos Soriano
  • Roeland Douma (Nextcloud)



Simplifying setup experience - Nextcloud registration API


Simplifying setup experience - Setup wizard improvements


GOA: Simplify setup experience / Extending current cloud providers WIP implementation

June 30 16:00 UTC

Phase 1 Evaluation deadline


Extending current cloud providers WIP implementation


Migrate current Nextcloud nautilus integration to cloud providers API

July 28 16:00 UTC

Phase 2 Evaluation deadline / GUADEC


Nextcloud client: gnome-online-accounts integration


Buffer / extending Notifications implementation in Nextcloud client


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