Recipes: Sharing of shopping list to TODOist


Implementation of sending the shopping list from Recipes to TODOist (Mobile App + Web App)

* Implement gnome-online-accounts Provider for TODOist. (Along with that taking care of the fact that Recipes being non-core app,if isn't installed, this implementation doesn't end up having TODOist account that serves no purpose)

* Implement sending shopping list/s from Recipes to TODOist along with sync in the deletion of items.


Ease of accessing the list of required ingredients in a Mobile App rather than Desktop App while actual shopping

About Me

My name is Ekta Nandwani, final- year student at L.D. college of Engineering , Ahmedabad doing major in Computer Engineering.


Matthias Clasen, maintainer of Recipes and gtk+

Work Timeline

May 29 - June 9

GOA provider implementation for TODOist (OAuth2)

June 10 - June 17

Make the Provider Hidden until Recipes/TODO is installed

June 18 - June 30

Use the Todoist Provider for authorization in Recipes

July 01 - July 03

Sending shopping lists from Recipes to TODOist using cURL

July 04 - July 06

Testing - Code Review - Debugging

July 07 - July 18

Implementation of sending using libsoup

July 19 - July 21

Testing - Code Review - Debugging

July 22 - July 24

Start UI implementation as per the mock ups

August 4 - August 10

Syncing the deletion of items from Recipes to Todoist

August 11 - August 14

Finish UI implementation

August 15 - August 29

Rigorous Testing - Code Review - Debugging

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