Mutter Wayland without X11

Project Description

Currently, Mutter acts as both Wayland compositor and an X Window Manager. Even under Wayland session, X11 support is required to be present, which makes XWayland a hard dependency. The goal is to remove the hard dependency on X11/XWayland when running under Wayland, making Mutter able to act as Wayland-only compositor.

To accomplish this, at least the following tasks need to be done:

  • Stop spawning XWayland at startup
  • Figure out which parts of the code need to run under X11
  • Prevent X11-only code from running when XWayland is not available

About Me

My name is Armin Krezović (IRC: Black_Prince), and I am final year engineering student at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Carlos Garnacho and Jonas Ådahl




May 30th - June 11th

Analyze the code and discuss implementation details with project mentors

June 12th - June 25th

Start implementing the code in way it was discussed, preparing for first midterms

June 26th - July 9th

Continue working on the code, with goal to make the compositor not crash before second midterms

July 10th - July 23rd

Fix any regressions introduced in porting process, try to get a demo up and running before second midterms

July 24th - August 6th

If the goal of getting the demo up and running wasn’t reached before midterm deadline, continue working on it until it’s ready. Make compositor not crash when an app get started

August 7th - August 20th

Continue on fixing the compositor to not crash when an app gets started, if not completed. Fix any other bugs introduced in the process. Start working on other goals in the proposal

August 21st - August 29th

Prepare for final terms, clean up the code, finish working on other goals if any were started

Progress Wrap-up

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