About me

My name is Alexandru Pandelea and I’m a third year student at “Politehnica” University of Bucharest pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. You can find my contact details here

Short Description

During the last releases, the search in Nautilus received several nice improvements. Though, there are still some improvements left to be made which would make Nautilus provide a much better search experience. At the moment, the search of Nautilus makes little use of all the power Tracker is capable of. The ultimate goal of this project is to make use of more of what Tracker provides so more search criteria will be available in order for the search results to provide more accurate results for it’s users. Besides this, other goals of this project are to fix the most important search bugs, work on performance, it’s debuggability and testing.


Until 30 May

Decide on the details about the UI

30 May - June 16

Implement Full Text Search

June 16 - June 30

Allow searching by relevant metadata for the file type

June 30 - July 17

Add the option to add custom tags to files

July 17 - July 25

Work on performance and testing of Search

July 25 - August 8

Fix Search bugs and improve search made from gnome-shell

August 8 - August 21

Improve the type-ahead use case and make final changes

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