Here are the project pages with all the information about what GNOME's Google Summer of Code students are working on in summer 2017.

Copy the line below that creates a table row and use this template to add a link to your project page. Add it to the table below in alphabetical order by your last name. Then go to (substituting the last part with any short project name you chose), and start editing it.

FirstName LastName

MentorFirstName MentorLastName

Full Project Name (abstract)

If you want to see how students of the last year did their project pages, take a look at

Student Name

Mentor Name

Project Information

Pranav Ganorkar

David King, Jonathan Kang

Search and User Interface Improvements in GNOME Logs (abstract)

Ludovico de Nittis

Tobias Mueller

Keysign: Alternative Key transports (abstract)

Ernestas Kulik

Carlos Soriano Sánchez

Nautilus I/O Operation Management Rework (abstract)

Kai Lüke

Ondrej Holy

GNOME Disks: Resize and Repair Filesystems (abstract)

Rohit Kaushik

Georges Stavracas

Integrating Todoist in GNOME To Do (abstract)

Lucie Charvat

Christian Hergert

Documentation Cards for GNOME Builder (abstract)

Suhas Nayak

Mathieu Duponchelle

Pitivi: Color correction interface using three chromatic wheels (abstract)

Stefan-Adrian Popa

Thibault Saunier

Pitivi: UI for Ken-Burns effect (abstract)

Yasitha Rajapaksha

Adrien Plazas

Gnome-Games: Make the Nintendo DS a First Class Citizen (abstract)

Abhinav Singh

Adrien Plazas

Games: Gamepads and Keyboard Configuration (abstract)

Luke Jones

Philip Chemento

GJS: Investigate use of Rust to improve memory safety and prevent leaks (abstract)

Alexandru Pandelea

Carlos Soriano, Carlos Garnacho

Nautilus: Improve Search (abstract)

Ekta Nandwani

Matthias Clasen

Recipes - Sharing Shopping list to TODOist (abstract)

Yash Singh

Georges Stavracas

Calendar - Add support for recurrent events (abstract)

Anoop Chandu Kunisetty

Christian Hergert

Builder - Code Search (abstract)

Armin Krezović

Carlos Garnacho, Jonas Ådahl

Mutter Wayland without X11 (abstract)

Fabian Orccon

Alexandru Băluț

Implement a Plugin System in Pitivi and a set of plugins (abstract)

Julius Härtl

Carlos Soriano, Roeland Douma

Improving the out-of-the-box cloud experience with Nextcloud and GNOME (abstract)

Rareș Visalom

Florian Mullner

Gnome-Shell UX Tweaks(abstract)

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