Week View

Project Description

GNOME Calendar is the calendar application for GNOME. Although it is a usable product, it still misses the important Week and Day view required by users for organizing the week, and planning a given day. The project aims at adding the feature of week-view in the calendar for better user experience for an end user.

Benefits my project will have for GNOME and its community

Calendar is one of the most basic application for a user, and a core GNOME application. From a user’s perspective, the feature of a week view is crucial as it helps to plan the week ahead. A day view is also equally important as it states the work to be done in the current day. Implementing the feature of a week­view in the calendar, would be very advantageous for a user.

About Me

My name is Vamsi Krishna. I am a second year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelors degree in Information Technology. Expected graduation date is May 2018

Contact Details

Email: <pandusonu13 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

IRC: pandusonu

Blog: https://pandusonu.wordpress.com

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