GNOME Music: Audio Tag Editing

Project Description

This project aims to add basic tag editing functionality to GNOME Music, hence making it more than just a read-only view of user's music collection. Desired deliverables for this feature would be:

  • An interface for the user to bring up music metadata
  • Manual editing of metadata using editable fields within this interface
  • Automatic fetching of metadata using acoustic fingerprints

About Me

My name is Saiful Bari Khan. I am a 3rd year student of Biotechnology, expected to graduate in June 2017. You can find me on the IRC as khan on GIMPnet and my blog is


23 May - 05 June

Create UI elements using Glade XML and substitute stubs for unimplemented callbacks

06 June - 20 June

Write SPARQL queries intended to make modifications to music files

21 June - 05 July

Connect UI callbacks to relevant functions responsible for performing updates on music files

06 July - 25 July

Work on automatic metadata fetching using Grilo's AcoustID source (WIP as of yet)

26 July - 16 August

Address unexpected issues/bugs/delays. If all goes well proceed with extended goals (multi-edits and pushing fingerprints)

16 August - 23 August

Cleaning, testing and documenting before submissions of sample code for final evaluations.

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