Improve the user experience for new and existing users

The IRC protocol still is one of the most used protocols for communicating due to its efficiency. Having a reliable protocol creates the need for a good client application that is able to do its job well and this is exactly what Polari is used for. Polari is a simple and lightweight IRC client that is rapidly evolving into what I believe will be one of the most widely used IRC clients among open-source operating systems users.

With the help of Florian Muellner and Bastian Ilso, whom will aid me as mentors in the process of developing these ideas, I plan on adding user-friendly features that would enhance the user onboarding capabilities of Polari, making it easier for people to use our application.

Main Features

  • Fast initial setup
  • New room blank state (Bug 761817)

  • Contextual popups (Bug 760853, Tentative Design)

  • Enhanced nickname tab-completion
  • Favorite users section in the user list
  • Status message filtering

About me

I am a second year Computer Science student at “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I first installed Linux back in 2012 because I was curious to find out what it really meant to use an open source operating system. I was quickly amazed and I started using it more and more often.

You can find out more on my blog, here.

Get in touch

IRC: raresv on Freenode.

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