PKCS#11 Certificate Chooser

Short Description

Various tools needs certificate and keys for a authentication.The user's certificate and key may reside in the PKCS#11 token so these tools need a user friendly way to select a certificate and keys, showing an available PKCS#11 token, similar to seahorse which shows all the available tokens and the certificate/keys in the PKCS#11 token.

About Me

Hello, I am Prashant Tyagi. Second year undergraduate at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad pursuing Integrated Masters (BTech + MS) Majoring in Computer Science.

You can contact me on irc nickname tygai-prashant(on GIMPNET). I will be posting update about the progress of the project on my blog post


23rd May - 3rd June

Showing the list of available PKCS#11 tokens in the system

​4th June - 14th June

Backend code to fetch all the information about the token's that found in the system

15th June - 25th June

L​ist the content of the PKCS#11 when it is selected

26th June - 2nd July

T​o make it possible to login into the token if that token is locked

3rd July - 10th July

Allow choosing a certificate from the PKCS#11 token or file

11th July - 25th July

Allow choosing a key from pkcs#11 token or from file

26th July - 6th August

Verify that the certificate and keys actually matches

6th August - 9th August

Making presentation for Guadec

10th August - 20th August

Review and test all the code, features associate with it . Writing documentation for the project

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