Short description

To improve the search feature in gnome logs. Currently, the search feature in gnome logs does not have any configurable option to select the parameters from which the user would like the search the logs. So, a drop down menu will be added for that and also an advanced search dialog box would be added where user can select advanced filtering options provided by journalctl. Also, a search provider will be written to expose the results to gnome shell and tests will be written to cross-check the implemented functionality.

About me

I am Pranav, a student pursuing B.E. in Computer Engineering from V.E.S Institute of Technology, Mumbai. I am a open source enthusiast and love contributing to open source softwares. My personal home page is You can visit my personal blog at I can be reached via IRC on the nick pranavg189.


22 April - 7 May

Community Bonding Period starts. Will discuss with my mentor about the design of the search feature, Structure of the code to be written and what different modules can come into picture. Simultaneously, will start learning about testing used in gnome logs and writing the search provider.

8 May - 22 May

Design and structure of the code related to search functionality completed. Learn about writing test and search provider modules. Community Bonding period ends.

23 May - 31 May

Start coding of search functionality. UI related changes of search interface implemented completely.

1 June - 15 June

Implement the core parts of search functionality.

19 June - 21 June

Core parts of Search functionality fully Implemented. Test the search functionality.

21 June - 28 June

Midterm Evaluations. Continue testing the search functionality for any possible bugs.

3 July - 16 July

Write search provider for gnome logs.

17 July - 30 July

Search Provider module completed. Write unit tests for the search module.

31 July - 16 August

Unit test module completed. Fix any possible bugs in the search module.

16 August - 24 August

Make the code clean so that it can be integrated into the next release of gnome logs. Also write the documentation for the code written. Submit the code samples.

24 August - 30 August

Final Evaluations.

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