Games: Add gamepad support

Short Description

The ultimate goal of my proposal is to add support for gamepad to the GNOME Games project. A video game player without gamepad support does not offer a very good experience to the users

About Me

I am Megh Parikh. I am a first year student pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H).

You can contact me via IRC (nick: "megh" on GIMPNet). Also I would be posting my findings on my blog:


May 23 - June 7

Setup GNOME games to handle gamepad input hiding the Linux kernel API via a library (initially this library will be part of the GNOME games codebase itself)

June 8 - June 23

Stabilizing the API of the above library for it to be a balance between the W3C gamepad API ‚Äčand a GDK-like API and testing + bug fixing.

June 24 - July 9

Add remappable controls, so that the user can configure his gamepad against our standard gamepad and then allow him to use this gamepad

July 10 - July 17

Allow the user to select the gamepad (s)he plugged in for different players

July 18 - August 11

Separate this library from the GNOME games into an isolated library. Also investigate the possibility of integrating this into GDK

August 12 - August 17


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