Horizontal Map Wrapping in Libchamplain

Project overview

Libchamplain is a C library that provides a ClutterActor to display maps. Currently, exploring locations right on the edge of the map is quite tricky. Having the map wrap horizontally will make navigation easier, smoother and more intuitive.

Cloned layers

Things to be considered

Wrapping the map will involve cloning the existing layers and "gluing" them on the edges. This will have to be done efficiently, without redownloading tiles, and map interactions should remain seamless over the clones(e.g. placing and moving markers).


If you are interested in any of the work I will be doing over the summer, you should check out my dedicated blog for regular updates at http://mariusgsoc.blogspot.com, find me on IRC as stancium, or mail me at stanciumarius94 /at/ gmail /dot/ com

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