Customisable shortcuts for Pitivi

Pitivi encompasses many great features of a modern and advanced video editing software. My goal for the summer will be to enhance the user experience and extend the functionality of the app by adding the option of customisable shortcuts for all the shortcuts within the application. I want to make use of the latest GTK 3.20 which comes with the new addition of GtkShortcutsWindow. This sleek and elegant window acts as a container for the shortcuts available in an app. Moreover, using GtkAccelMap, my aim will be to make this shortcuts window update-able, meaning that it will automatically change its contents after user re-sets some shortcut setting in the preferences.

I'm thrilled to be a part of GSoC again after a year. I hope my contribution will be prosperous and brings Pitivi as well as GNOME a bit further.


I'm a 22 years old student at the University of Edinburgh, coming from Slovakia. Tech aficionado. Motivator.

My mentor:

I am glad to be working under the supervision of Alexandru Băluț, whom I consider to be a great leader and a helpful mentor who has always been willing to solve any issue I came across.

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