Web: Bookmarks Subsystem Update

What is the ultimate goal of your proposal?

The ultimate goal of my proposal is updating the bookmarks subsystem by refactoring the current code and implementing a new bookmarks menu design proposed by the designers.

What benefits does your proposed work have for GNOME and its community?

Browsers evolve extremely quickly, but if there’s one browsing feature that’s stood the test of time, it’s browser bookmarks. The current dialog has lots of problems, giving the browser an unfinished look and the impression that everything is about to crash at any moment. The code is old and spread amongst too many files, making it hard to manage and refactor.

Upon completion, the current problems should be fixed not by patching different parts of the code for specific bugs, but by having code work properly regardless of the processed data or user requests. The new design is also more minimalistic, making bookmarks easier to use and manage.

Moreover, there are increased benefits to a bookmarks refactoring considering there is another proposed project this year that plans to touch on bookmarks by allowing Epiphany to use a storage server to sync bookmarks (and more) between multiple instances of Epiphany on different computers.

Having bookmarks work as intended is of great help to Web’s users, gives the browser a more solid look and it’s a step forward towards a complete, modern browser.

About me

I am a third year Computer Science Bachelors student at University “POLITEHNICA” of Bucharest (Romania, UTC + 3 (EEST)). Expected to graduate in June 2017.

Contact details

Email: iulian.radu67@gmail.com IRC: iulianradu

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