Implement search and replace, spell check for Builder

Short Description

Search and Replace is an essential functionality for code editing. To implement this feature for Builder, we will improve the developer experience. First, I will implement gedit like search and replace functionality, then I will implement more advanced features allowing users to do search and replace across multiple files. A Spell Check plugin will also be implemented to help developers avoid common mistakes in code and documentation.

About me

I'm Fangwen Yu, a second year graduate student majoring in Cryptography in College of Computer and Control Engineering, Nankai University, China. My IRC nick on GIMPNet is yufw and my blog is


May 23 - May 31

Create search and replace UI

June 1 - June 10

Implement basic search and replace functionality

June 11 - June 17

Implement various search and replace options

June 18 - June 27

Implement search in files, mid term evaluation

June 28 - July 11

Implement search and replace in files

July 12 - July 18

Implement search and replace in selection

July 19 - July 31

Implement a spell check plugin

August 1 - August 11

Implement spell check for function and variable names

August 12 - August 14


August 15 - August 23

Tidy code, fix potential bugs, add documentation, final submission

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