Modernising GnomeKeysign tool

Short description

GNOME Keysign is a project that got started from the idea to make people more involved and interested in creating trusted “connections” by using digital keys. Therefore, this application is meant to ease the entire process of signing OpenPGP keys so that more people can use it regardless of their GnuPG knowledge.

GNOME is pushing the envelope when it comes to balancing security, functionality, and usability. This project is about bringing a GTK Builder based UI to GNOME Keysign as well as investigating what's missing for it to become an xdg-app.

About me

My name is Andrei Macavei and I am a student in the last year in Computer Science & Engineering. I am interested in security related software as well as algorithms and optimizations. I have worked on GnomeKeysign mostly but I have done a few contributions to GnomeKeyring or related projects. You could say I am "affiliated" to the GNOME security department :-).

Contact me at :

  • IRC (Gimpnet / Freenode) : andreimac
  • Email : andrei.macavei89 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com

I will also post my working progress on this blog.


23 May - 29 May

Merge GPG library with current release branch. Clean-up git branches.

23 May - 5 June

Fix "local key download" issue.

6 June - 12 June

Fix "detect valid fingerprint" issue.

13 June - 19 June

Create the GUI windows in Glade for "Key Selection" tab.

20 June - 26 June

Create the GUI windows in Glade for "Key Sign" tab

26 June - 17 July

Replace widgets code with GtkBuilder and created GUIs

18 July - 24 July

Finish the work for "secured and encrypted link" feature started last summer.

25 July - 31 July

Create a UI widget that displays all the potential signees on the network.

1 Aug - 7 Aug

Investigate what is missing for Gnome Keysign to become an xdg­app.

8 Aug - 14 Aug

Test how the app would run as sandboxed app on different runtimes.

15 Aug - 23 Aug

Write documentation and tests.

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