Boxes: More Spice Features

Short Description

GNOME Boxes is an application used to access virtual and remote systems, which targets typical desktop users. This proposal is about successfully fixing/implementing the list of bugs/features related to remote accessing virtual machines through SPICE.

The project will involve implementing important features, like shared folders, sharing wifi-geolocation, allowing SPICE connections to be discoverable on the network and using SSH to connect to a SPICE display.

About Me

My name is Visarion-Mingopol Alexandru-Viorel and I am a third year Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate student at the Politechnica University of Bucharest.

Contact :

  • IRC (Gimpnet / Freenode) : visarion
  • Email : viorel.visarion AT gmail DOT com

I will keep a journal regarding my progress on my blog.


x - 23 May

Include spice-gtk option group in --help menu. Stop VM from erroneously thinking it has a touchscreen.

23 May - 5 June

Notify the guest machine that it doesn’t have the spice agent installed. Make the USB redirection available when VM in background.

6 June - 27 June

Create a visually better way of sending files to SPICE guests. Implement multiple shared folders for SPICE displays.

27 June - 9 July

Allow SPICE connections to be discoverable on the network.

9 July - 23 July

Make the wifi-geolocation work inside VMs. Fix the issue when powering off a SPICE remote machine in a separate window.

23 July - 12 August

Use SSH to connect to the SPICE display of remote libvirt boxes. Work on anything else that isn't finished yet.

16 Aug - 23 Aug

Test the new features. Fix any new SPICE related bug.

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