About me

My name is Alexandru Pandelea and I’m a second year student at “Politehnica” University of Bucharest pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. You can find my contact details here


Until now, renaming of multiple files was a tiresome task, as the user had to do that file by file. The goal of this project is to provide Nautilus with the option of batch renaming files in a nice and easy way.

Short Description

At the moment, if you want to rename, let's say 500 photos, you would obviously not do that file by file, but rather use a third party batch rename tool. Though, that's not what most users would prefer, as they wouldn't want to spend time learning how to use a complex tool. This project aims to solve this problem by offering the option to batch rename files directly from Nautilus, with an intuitive UI and several modes of renaming to cover most needs of users that will use this feature.

Some of the renaming modes that are in plan:

  • append/prepend
  • replace
  • format new name (create new name starting from common parts of old names)

These modes will also offer several options for numbering.

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