This is a page for the next year, subject to GNOME's acceptance for GSoC. It captures the format we'll want to use then.

Here are the project pages with all the information about what GNOME's Google Summer of Code students are working on in summer 2016.

Copy the line below that creates a table row and use this template to add a link to your project page. Add it to the table below in alphabetical order by your last name. Then go to (substituting the last part with any short project name you chose), and start editing it.

FirstName LastName

MentorFirstName MentorLastName

Full Project Name (abstract)

If you want to see how students of the last year did their project pages, take a look at

Student Name

Mentor Name

Project Information

Atul Anand

David Woodhouse

Proxies in NetworkManager (abstract)

Kunal Jain

Florian Muellner, Bastian Ilso, Carlos Garnacho

Polari: Implement Search (abstract)

Jakub Brindza

Alexandru Băluț

Configurable Shortcuts for Pitivi (abstract)

Pranav Ganorkar

David King

Improve Search Feature in Gnome Logs (abstract)

Vamsi Krishna Gollapudi

Georges Neto

Implementation of week view in GNOME Calendar (abstract)

Gabriel Ivașcu

Michael Catanzaro

Web: Session Sync (abstract)

Saiful B Khan

Felipe Borges, Carlos Garnacho

GNOME Music: Audio Tag Editing (abstract)

Andrei Macavei

Tobias Mueller

Modernising Gnome Keysign (abstract)

Gaurav Narula

Felipe Borges, Lukas Reschke

GNOME Music: ownCloud Support (abstract)

Megh Parikh

Adrien Plazas

Games: Add gamepad support(abstract)

Iulian Radu

Michael Catanzaro

Web: Bookmarks Subsystem Update (abstract)

Prashant Tyagi

David Woodhouse

PKCS#11 Certificate Chooser(abstract)

Rares Visalom

Florian Muellner, Bastian Ilso

Polari: Improve the user experience(abstract)

Fangwen Yu

Christian Hergert

Builder: Implement search and replace, spell check(abstract)

Alexandru Pandelea

Carlos Soriano

Nautilus: Batch renaming(abstract)

Razvan Chitu

Carlos Soriano, Cosimo Cecchi

Nautilus: Integrate file-roller and compressed file management(abstract)

Marius Stanciu

Jonas Danielsson

Libchamplain: Horizontal map wrapping(abstract)

Alexandru Visarion

Zeeshan Ali

Boxes: More Spice Features ! (abstract)

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