Implement GnuPG pinentry program instead of GNOME Keyring GnuPG Agent


GNOME Keyring GnuPG Agent is currently incompatible with newer versions of GnuPG, it is not capable of providing all the functionality expected by GnuPG and ends up degrading some functionalities. This project is about making them compatible, so that GNOME Keyring can manage GnuPG passphrases again. The proposal is to implement a pinentry, a dialog that allow GnuPG to prompt for passphrases, that can search and store passphrases in keyrings, and prompt for it if not found.

More about the problem on this mail thread .


Stef Walter (stefw)

About me

I am a Computer Scientist Bachelor taking classes to eventually apply for a computer science master course. I work with Information Security, and the open source world has always marveled me. I'm happy to be able contribute to open source with something I have so much interest in.

IRC: yuuma on #keyring and #gnome-hackers

Mail: yuuma DOT sato AT gmail DOT com


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