GNOME GUI for coala

Short Description

“coala is a simple COde AnaLysis Application. Its goal is to make static code analysis easy while remaining completely modular and therefore extendable and language independent. Code analysis happens in python scripts while coala manages these, tries to provide helpful libraries and provides multiple user interfaces”. -coala Github page

I will be mentored by Lasse Schuirmann

Benefits this project will have for GNOME

coala is a code analysis application, whose main goal is to make static code analysis easy and mainly modular. coala is not language specific in its code analysis. The best part about coala is that people can write bears and extend its functionality as per their requirements. These bears can be as simple as checking for indentation as opposed to far more complex ones like Code Duplication Detection. So far, coala offers an easy to use CLI interface wherein users are prompted for input and actions, as and when required. This accounts for a streamlined and hassle-free experience. My project proposes to build a GUI for coala, which I believe will have the following benefits:

About Me

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