Improve Banshee’s Mac OSX support and revamp the UI

This proposal is about improving Banshee’s mac osx support and bringing back and improving the lightweight alternative UI ‘cubano’. This envolves updating the existing clutter bindings for C# and port the existing code to the new bindings.


  • May 25 - June 1:
    • Update bockbuild and make banshee compile on osx Unified app bundles
    June 1 - June 15:
    • Improve banshee’s osx integration Remove libgtkosxapplication and replace it with gtk 3.4
    June 15 - June 29 (midterm):
    • Update clutter and cogl bindings
    June 29 - July 13:
    • Update and improve the ClutterFlow extension and removing existing bugs

    July 13 - July 27:
    • Update the cubano ui to work with a recent banshee and the new bindings
    July 27 - August 10:
    • Polish the user interface and improve it
    August 10 - August 21:
    • Documentation and making sure Banshee can be released on osx

About me

Being a second year student at Free University of Berlin studying computer sciences, I am familiar with C# for about 8 years. I am also a GNOME foundation member. I have worked on various open source projects and have been doing binding related stuff lately. The last two years I have been successfully working under mono GSOC on the bindinator project, which adds support for gobject-introspection in C#, ending up with bindings for gstreamer, cogl and clutter. This work is now leveraged in various open source projects, among them is the new gstreamer-sharp backend for Banshee. My work on Banshee and its related patches can be found here. Bindinator related patches can be found at the bindinator repository. Other open source projects, which I am contributing to, can be found at Github.

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