Android/Gnome synergy : Creating a real interaction between PC and Phone

Goal of this project

My current project is to create a synergy between PC and phone in a open source and Secure way. Nuntius will not just be intended to be a notification system relay, but a real tight connection, which could be used in many ways. For example, you will be able to read/write sms directly from the pc, or easily share files between them. It comes from a simple base but can be improved widely with any idea we want to add.

Nuntius will work over encrypted tcp. You will be able to send or read sms and share files between the device easily, and of course see the notifications of your phone on your computer.

About me

I am Ronan Timinello a french student. I currently am in the first year of DUT in Computer Science at the IUT of Montpellier.

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