Evolution configuration EExtension for Exchange ActiveSync

Short Description

The EPlugin for Evolution-ActiveSync is outdated now. I’m going to update it with the current version of Evolution. Considering that EPlugin is deprecated now, I need to rewrite this function in EExtension. After communication with Mr. Woodhouse, some upgrades will be added after renewing this tool. Activesyncd, the standalone daemon used in this project to communicate with the server, is using GConf to store its configuration now. Since GConf is deprecated, it will be replaced with GSettings and dconf. Also, we will spawn an ‘ssh-askpass’ process silently when trying to login in the remote server, but the more proper way to do this is to open a prompt window asking user for their password. More features will be added if the tasks listed above could be finished ahead of schedule.

I will be mentored by DavidWoodhouse.

Benefits this project will have for GNOME

As many users would like to configure their account using a GUI rather than a bunch of command line operations, this work will help them setup things easily. They can configure their Exchange ActiveSync accounts using Evolution’s GUI guide just as other protocols like POP, IMAP, etc.

About Me

My name is Oliver Luo. I’m a student from Peking University and major in computer science.

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