Refactor a gstdataprotocol library and create GStreamer's debugger

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GStreamer is powerful video framework. Unfortunately, it's not possible to debug GStreamer-based applications very easily. Obviously, GStreamer has logging system, but user don't have an access for it when pipeline has been run on external device. Moreover, there is no possibility for watching buffers or events, which going through pipeline. My idea is to create client-server tool, which allows user debug his GStreamer's pipeline, reading logs, spying buffers, events or queries.


25.05.2015 - 08.06.2015

refactor and implement missing functionality in gstdataprotocol library

09.06-2015 - 22.06-2015

complete previous task, implement server which streams debug information via TCP protocol

23.06-2015 - 06.07.2015

write GStreamer plugin, which will use streaming server inside, start implement client-side application

07.07.2015 - 03.08.2015

continue writing client-side application - add following functionality: filtering debug information, drawing GStreamer's pipeline graph, loggin data to a file

04.08.2015 - 17.08.2015

finish client-side application, do a lot of tests, start writing some documentation

18.08.2015 - 21.08.2015

last fixes, documentation

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