General re-design of Getting Things GNOME

Getting things GNOME is a great app that many people love to use daily in order to organise their personal and professional assignments. However, when it comes to design, GTG is far behind the current GNOME standards. Therefore I will implement the most modern design features into the GTG app: I want to add App menu and Header bar to give the app clean outlines. Next, I propose designing GTG browser view using Stack Switcher to enable alternation between task view and workview within the window. Finally, my aim is also to incorporate Search entry and Gtk Menu Buttons into the Header bar, since this way users could focus entirely on the tasks and would not be distracted by several possible functions the app provides. These would be only a click away, available immediately from the Header bar.

Moreover, my work will cover also some code reviewing and bug fixing. I will also re-design the GTG website into a more modern, state-of-the-art website.


I'm a 21 years old student at the University of Edinburgh. Tech aficionado. Motivator.

My mentor:

I am glad to be working under the supervision of Izidor MatuĊĦov, whom I consider to be a great leader and a helpful mentor.

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