Nibbles: Modernization

Short Description

Nibbles is one of the few games that have not been yet revamped as part of the Games Modernization Initiative. The idea is to port as much of the game as possible to Vala, using the same MVC design pattern that stands at the base of the rest of GNOME’s games.

I will be mentored by MichaelCatanzaro.

Benefits this project will have for GNOME

Upon completion, the game will be on par with modern standards. The game will be much more easier to maintain, allowing current developers to fix reported bugs in a timely manner, allowing community members that are not extremely familiar with the source code to easily contribute, and greatly helping out newer contributors with a desire to get involved.

The game will also have a modern look and an intuitive, unobstructive interface giving users a much better experience while playing.

About Me

I am Iulian-Gabriel Radu, second year Computer Science Bachelors student at University “Politehnica” of Bucharest. Expected to graduate in June 2017.

My Contact Details

  • Email :
    • iulian.radu67 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com
  • IRC : iulianradu

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