Short description

The project is about the implementation of a new drive view, which will allow the user to add permanently local and remote volumes to the GtkPlacesSidebar widget. Removable (non-permanent) volumes, like flash drives, are automatically added and removed from the widget and automatically managed. The latest mockup can be found at the GitHub repository of GNOME Design Team.

About me

I'm Georges, a bachelor student taking Information Systems at University of São Paulo. My personal page is

Ultimate Goal

Implement the proposed mockups of the Add Drive action, improve GtkPlacesSidebar widget and improve the overall experience of Nautilus. This is part of the ongoing movement to modernize GNOME environment, specifically related to the Nautilus Next project.


May 25 ~ June 07

Study the internals of GtkPlacesSidebar code. Discuss with other developers how added drives will be stored. Possible bugfixes and code cleanups.

June 08 ~ June 14

Implement a stub “Add Drive” from the mockups, containing only the interface elements with no actions. An “Add Drive” button at GtkPlacesSidebar will be added as well.

June 15 ~ June 26

After the completion of the interface, the support for adding and removing drives will be implemented.

June 27 ~ July 05

Add support to connect and add servers to GtkPlacesSidebar. After that, ask feedback from the designers and developers about the behavior of the dialog and sidebar internals.

July 06 ~ July 19

Implement the changes potentially proposed by the developers and designers. Fix eventual bugs introduced by the new code.

July 20 ~ July 25

Document and comment all the introduced changes. Implement unit tests and expose the new code for public testing. Adjust the code in order to merge the introduced changes with Gtk+ master branch.

July 26 ~ August 24

Fix reminescent bugs introduced by the new code, and other ones related to Nautilus.

August 7 ~ August 10

GUADEC presentation

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