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The project aims to protect you from malicious USB device. If someone will try to connect a USB device with ​unknown descriptors ​(your PC has not seen them before), then that port will be blocked and the attacker will have no chance to steal/destroy your data through USB ports. Under the guidance of Tobias Mueller, the final product of the project will bring a more secure environment for users and will put GNOME on a higher position on the security domain.


More and more people are studying methods on how to block or clean a malicious software. But, today, the threat can even come from something more physical.

All the devices pose a risk. Even a small USB device can have a huge impact on your system. Regarding the intention of a person he may use a modified USB device to “play” ​with your personal computer.

You will never have full security for a computer, but there are methods that can enhance it. There must always be an equilibrium between ​security and usability. By creating a too secure medium the workflow of the user may be disturbed, thus the user will disable that security method to keep his work pace.

The project ​Disable USB on lockscreen​ does not have this throwback. When the computer is locked, it is clear that the user will not be doing any work on his PC involving USB ports.

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